Holy rosary is blessed with a uniquely talented staff and each member contributes greatly to the school community.   
Drawing on these talents, and supported by staff from the Catholic Education Office (CEO), students are immersed in academic, creative, physical, cultural and spiritual learning programs and activities. 

Parish Priest

 Rev. Peter Ferwerda  

Leadership Team 

Principal Mr Paul Dullard
Leader of Learning                        Mrs Prue Harris & Mrs Liz Tobin  
Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Kellie Scott                            


Classroom Teachers

Year Foundation    
Year 1/2                  

Year 2/3                  

Year 4                    

Year 5/6OG            

Year 5/6TM            


- Ms Stephanie Slatyer
- Mr Joshua Martyn
- Mrs Kyrewyn O'Kane (3) Mrs Angela Fiske-Kelay (2)
- Mrs Kellie Scott (4) Mrs Prue Harris (1)
- Mr Oliver Geary
- Mrs Tania Malavisi

Specialist Staff

Learning Adjustment Leader   

Wellbeing Worker                        

 Performing Arts                        

Visual Arts                                 


Healthy Living                           



Physical Education                 


- Mrs Liz Tobin

- Mrs Catherine Hodder 

- Mrs Claire Sexton 

- Mrs Adrienne Stokes 

- Miss Beth McKinnell

- Mr Paul Dullard

- Mrs Jodie Leechman 

- Mrs Prue Harris

- Miss Emily Griffen


Student Support Staff

Mrs Genene Fisher
Mrs Ange Fiske-Kealy
Miss Jorgie Allen 

School Administration Staff

Administration/Finance Officers  

IT Support                                       




- Mrs Donna Neylon
- Mrs Tania Ross

- MrJames Graco

- Mr Chris Hennessy 

- Mr Nick Taylor