Holy Rosary is blessed with a uniquely talented staff and each member contributes greatly to the school community. 
Drawing on these talents, and supported by staff from the Catholic Education Office (CEO), students are immersed in academic, creative, physical, cultural and spiritual learning programs and activities. 

Parish Priest

 Rev. Peter Ferwerda

Leadership Team 

Mr Paul Dullard
Deputy Principal - Leader of Learning  
Mr Vincent Ryan
Catholic Identity Leader
Mrs Kellie Scott                            
Learning Diversity Leader
Mrs Prue Harris


Classroom Teachers


Year Foundation/1

Mrs Prue Harris &
Mrs Angela Fiske-Kealy

Year 2/3

Mrs Tania Malavisi &
Ms Ashlea Rigg
Year 4/5
Mr Josh Martyn
Year 5/6
Mrs Corinne Cummins

Specialist Staff

Wellbeing Worker
Mrs Catherine Hodder
Visual Arts
Ms Tayla Barber
Languages - Indonesian
Mrs Liana Elias
Health and Physical Education
Ms Tori Heider
Performing Arts
Ms Tayla Barber
Wellbeing Leader
Mrs Angela Fiske-Kealy

Learning Diversity Leaders

Mrs Prue Harris &
Mrs Tania Malavisi

Health & PE Coordinator

Mr Paul Dullard &
Ms Tori Heider
Google Apps For Education Co-ordinator
Mr Damian Kerrins
Literacy Intervention
Mr Vincent Ryan &
Mrs Andrea Hunt

School Administration Staff

Admin Officers
Mrs Donna Neylon &
Mrs Tania Ross
Mrs Samara Johnson
Mr Nick Taylor