Holy Rosary School prides itself on providing a caring, enjoyable and safe environment with a strong emphasis on 
meeting individual students' needs both pastorally and educationally.

Guided by the Victorian Curriculum F-10, our school offers comprehensive learning in all key areas. Parents of our
school are encouraged to be involved and always support our school in all facets of education.

Learning at Holy Rosary supports the children in their growth and development - preparing them with lifelong skills
that will assist them to believe in themselves and their abilities and enable them to contribute positively to their world.
We promote the development and education of all children by working in partnership with their parents.


English Foundation (Foundation) to Level 10 (which includes Levels A to D for Students with Disabilities) is organised into

  • Reading and Viewing,
  • Writing, 
  • Speaking and Listening.

The three strands,

  • Language,
  • Literature and
  • Literacy,

are interrelated and support students’ growing understanding and use of Standard Australian English (English).

Together the three strands focus on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing,
speaking and writing.

At Holy Rosary School we devise our English Program based on the Victorian Curriculum, while supporting our learning and
teaching practices with the Western Australian (WA) First Steps Program.

This program has some basic Beliefs and Understandings:

  • All students can achieve high standards of literacy given sufficient time and support.
  • All teachers can teach to high standards given the right conditions and assistance.
  • High expectations and early intervention are essential.


Through Mathematics children develop concepts, skills, applications and processes, which allow them to participate
meaningfully in society. Mathematics can be viewed as an abstract discipline, but it must also relate to everyday situations
and be integrated with other curriculum areas. Through our Mathematics program we would like children to gain a knowledge
and understanding of mathematical processes, with the ability to apply these effectively within and outside the classroom

The three areas taught are:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Measurement and Geometry
  • Statistics and probability

Inquiry Based Learning

Health & Physical Education

This domain covers Outdoor Education, Physical Education, and Health Education.

This program aims to:-

  • ·       Develop understanding and appreciation of the outdoors,
  • ·       Provide opportunities for students to develop problem solving skills,
  • ·       Inspire an attitude of health and fitness in the daily life of each child,
  • ·       Facilitate a wide variety of sporting experiences,
  • ·       Participate in intra/inter school sporting activities,
  • ·       Promote attitude and behaviour which contributes to personal and community wellbeing.

Lessons are taken once a week by a specialist teacher. The emphasis is always on maximum participation
and all children take part unless medically unfit. If children cannot participate an explanatory note must be sent.

In 2018 Holy Rosary introduced Healthy Living into the specialist curriculum.

Languages - Indonesian

Our specialist LOTE Indonesian program provides a broad introduction to both the language and culture of Indonesia in visual,
spoken and written form. The children learn to communicate in a Language Other Than English and gain intercultural knowledge
and language awareness by listening, speaking, reading, writing and watching. This results in the children being able to speak
and write with confidence through the means of basic geographical orientation, correct pronunciation and the practice of simple
conversational phrases in dialogues and role play.

The Arts


All Grade 5 and 6 students participate in a 1:1 Laptop Program. This is an exciting initiative that the school has embraced to meet
the needs of the 21st century learner. At Holy Rosary we believe that today’s students think, connect and communicate differently
to students who were at school even a few years ago. We are aware that our students live in a world where information can be
accessed and shared quickly over the Internet, where they can communicate with peers and create new knowledge.

As a school we are keen to inspire and engage this new generation of learner with today’s tools and assist them in reaching their
full potential in all areas of the curriculum. At Holy Rosary we want our students to strive for excellence through a Personalised
Learning Program that integrates the curriculum and fully exploits the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT).
To support the learning of our students, children from Foundation –Year 2 work with iPads and laptops and our Year 3 & 4 classes
use 20 laptops assembled as “COWS” – Computers on Wheels. These movable computer labs allow an extraordinary flexibility
with our teaching and learning. Other digital hardware includes TV’s, digital cameras, digital video cameras, scanners and iPods.

In 2018 Holy Rosary introduced robotics and coding into the digital technology curriculum.