History of Holy Rosary


1859 Schooling commenced in Sacred Heart Chapel in Heathcote.

1862 Sacred Heart Chapel flattened in a storm.

1876 Building purchased at South Heathcote to continue schooling.

1910 Sacred Heart School opened at South Heathcote.

1926 Presentation Sisters arrived in Heathcote.
Holy Rosary School opened in the convent.
Boarding school commenced for girls.

1959 Sacred Heart School closed.
Holy Rosary Primary School for both boys and girls was built next door to the convent.

1965 Extension to Holy Rosary School. New classrooms.

1969 Boarding School closed.

1973 Sacred Heart School sold privately.

1974 Presentation Sisters ceased duties in Heathcote.
School Board established.

1975 Holy Rosary School's first lay principal was appointed.

1977 Convent became the O'Dee Centre. (Father O'Dee was Parish Priest 1897-1936)

1978- Sports room and office area converted into Library and Office area.

1982- A computer room was set up in chapel in O'Dee Centre.
1984 The administration area was moved into the O'Dee building.
Staff toilet installed.
Courtyard asphalted.
Storage shed built.
Car park created.
Memorial garden for Peter Negri (Former school principal) was created.

1986 Holy Rosary School celebrated its Silver Jubilee.
The school used rooms in the O'Dee Centre due to increased enrolments.

1985 The O'Dee Centre was handed back to Holy Rosary School.

1987 Renovations were carried out on O'Dee Centre.
The School Office was computerised.

1996 Beautification was carried out of school grounds.

1997 Major refurbishment of school buildings - toilets, staff room, administration area.

2010 Work began on the relocation and development of two portables and the refurbishment of the Library

2011 Administration area, Principal's Office and Staff Room was completed

2012 Solar panel installed

2013 New Playground installed

2018 COLA built

2021 Completion of new administration and amenities (staff and student) and offices and learning areas


A short history of Heathcote.

Heathcote is a small, rural town, located approximately 110kms North of Melbourne, Victoria.
The district, originally known as " McIvor", has a rich history steeped in gold mining and grazing.

The township was founded at the height of the 1850's gold rush during which there were, reportedly some 20 000 people camped along
the nearby McIvor Creek. This heritage is evident today as there are many tourist spots and historical buildings of interest in the area.
A recently coined slogan, "Heathcote, Heart of Victoria," sums up well, the town's location and its population of just over 3 000 lives in the
centre of one of Victoria's thriving tourist and boutique wine districts.

Community spirit is alive and well in Heathcote and is consolidated by team participation in sports such as football, cricket, netball,
basketball and tennis. The town also boasts swimming facilities, a VGA standard golf course and a local Tae Kwon Do group.
There are also a number of community service clubs with charters in the town.

At times Heathcote can be quite a busy town as travellers make it their gateway to Lake Eppalock, Bendigo, Echuca and other points north,
along either the McIvor or Northern Highways.

Holy Rosary School is set two blocks back from the McIvor Highway, in a quiet location away from the hustle and bustle of the township nearby.