Holy Rosary Primary School is listed on the Victorian Bushfire At Risk Register. During high risk times or code red days, Holy Rosary will close to ensure the safety of our school community.

All schools, kindergartens and licensed child care centres that have been identified as being at high fire risk and on the Department’s Victoria-wide Bushfire At-Risk Register will close on days declared Code Red.

Schools and services not on the Bushfire At-Risk Register will remain open, unless directly threatened by fire or another emergency.

Where possible, three (3) days notice of a planned closure will be provided. However, experience indicates that a Code Red fire danger rating day may be forecast at short notice. Parents and guardians should expect that in some instances less than three days notice may be provided.

Once the final decision to close is confirmed at 12 noon the day prior, this decision will not change – regardless of any changes in the weather forecast. This will help limit confusion and help families plan for how their children will be cared for when their school is closed.

When a school is closed in response to bushfire risk, no one, including staff, contractors and other users, will be permitted on site.



Click HERE to view the 2015/2016 Bushfire Preparedness information for Holy Rosary School

Click HERE to view the Holy Rosary School Emergency Management Plan